Inside the lost and found at the Houston Rodeo

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Millions of people go to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo each year and lose thousands of items, but then head to the lost and found to retrieve them.

You'll find mostly cell phones, car keys, strollers and a few hats and sunglasses.The higher-value items like purses, wallets and nice jewelry stay locked up.

Over the years, the lost and found has received several wedding and engagement rings, including this year. Often they're left in the bathroom after people wash their hands. Each item is clearly labeled.

Lost and found workers take dozens of phone calls a day looking for their items. So far this year they've received 401 lost items, about 140 of those have already been reclaimed.

Last year they had 1,853 items turned in, 747 were returned to their owners.

The most precious item they get are children. On a busy day as many as 40 lost children are brought to them, on a slower day they'll only see 2 lost kids.

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