Infamous gangs facing legal troubles

Neighborhood wants to ban members of Crips, Bloods

HOUSTON - The names are well known in the world of gangs, but now members of the Crips and the Bloods are facing a different kind of battle.

According to a lawsuit, key members of the gangs constitute a public nuisance, specifically to citizens of the Brays Oaks neighborhood in southwest Houston.

In a hearing Thursday morning, officials said not a single member of either gang showed up. Officials with the Harris County Attorney's Office moved forward as planned, presenting evidence that the gang members should be banned from the area known as the Brays Oaks Safety Zone.

County attorneys said one of the gang members named in the suit recently racked up murder charges for allegedly shooting three and injuring two more at a southwest Houston club.

After the hearing Thursday, the judge granted a temporary injunction. Many residents in the area consider this a welcome ruling.

A final decision is expected during a trial set for February of 2013.

Two convenience stores were also named in the lawsuit, but they reached an agreement with the county to add surveillance cameras and security guards. The store owners and the gang members will be back in court for that final full trial.

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