Incest couple, baby dead in multi-state crime scenes


KNIGHTDALE, N.C. - A North Carolina father and daughter charged with incest earlier this year are dead, along with their 7-month-old baby and the woman's adoptive father.

WTNH reported Knightdale police were conducting a welfare check on Earlston Court Thursday morning when they made a gruesome discovery: the body of 7-month-old Bennett Pladl.

"Steven picked up the child from the mother late yesterday evening, there was some conversation that we had with the mother to help us establish a timeline," Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps said. 
The infant had been under the care of Steven Pladl's mother. 

After he took the child, police say an exchange between Steven Pladl and his mother over the phone led her to call police this morning. That's when they found Bennet alone in the home.

Authorities believe after killing the baby, Steven Pladl took off to Connecticut.

"It is our understanding, yes, that Mr. Pladl drove to that area for the specific purpose of making some confrontation," Capps said.

Steven Pladl's daughter Katie and Katie's adoptive father Anthony Buscoe were found dead in Connecticut.

Katie had lived with Buscoe until she was 18, and then decided to reconnect with her biological parents. That reunion led to the birth of Bennett and charges of incest.

Now those involved are dead, with police believing Steven Pladl killed himself in New York.

"No matter what your circumstances are, no matter how overwhelming a particular situation may feel for you, there is help available,” Capps said. “There are resources out there that you can take a hold of."

Authorities say it is unclear how the baby died. The investigation into what happened continues.

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