In-shell peanuts recalled over Salmonella concerns

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HOUSTON - A massive peanut butter recall has been expanded to include millions of pounds of in-shell peanuts.

The company at the heart of the recall, Sunland, Inc., said the recall of 2 million pounds of in-shell peanuts is a precautionary move.

The recalls are because of salmonella concerns. At least 35 people in 19 states have been sickened. Two-thirds of those patients are under the age of 10.

The peanut butter recall began with jars sold at Trader Joe's and has since expanded to Dollar General, Walmart, Target and other big retailers. More than 200 products are involved.

The recalled in-shell peanuts come in several different packages and sizes. The most common is a red and blue package that reads "Hines salted jumbo Virginia peanuts." They were processed in Sunland's peanut processing plant.

The Food and Drug Administration said Sunland has stopped production from its nut butter and peanut processing plants while the investigation continues.

Salmonella is especially dangerous for the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal cramps that last four to seven days.

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