Illegal Weapons Found In Toy Shipment

HOUSTON - A cache of illegal weapons bound for Missouri City was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Investigators said the weapons were found in a shipment of items listed as toys and household items originating in China.

The shipment arrived in Long Beach, Calif., and was loaded onto a freight train that arrived in Houston.

Investigators said they looked at the shipment to make sure the toys met U.S. standards.

The weapons were in compact boxes and packed tightly in the middle of a 40-foot container, detectives said.

The boxes included:

  • 1,063 switchblade knives
  • 95 batons
  • 304 stun guns
  • 338 sets of brass knuckles
  • 115 sets of brass knuckles with 4-inch knife blades

Some of the items were disguised to look like other items, officials said. Some of the stun guns looked like flashlights and cellphones.

Officials said the switchblades were a violation of the Switchblade Knife Act. The other weapons were seized because they were not declared properly.

Investigators said there were also actual toys and household goods in the shipment.

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