Hungry dog eats $54 in owner's cash

While the dog's owner was at the grocery store, the dog got into a bin and ate the money

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Misty is known to eat everything from Barbie dolls to Walmart plastic bags, but when she got into her owner's cash bin, that is when she went too far.

"Here is a two dollar bill, here is another five that is kind of ripped up, and the rest are ones, and as you can see they are almost entirely intact," said Cindy Molzer-Aranguren, the dog's owner.

Cindy still can't believe a mountain of cash was in her dog's stomach just a few days ago. While she was at the grocery store on Friday, 5-year-old Misty got into a tin filled with cash and ate $54.

"I threw both the dogs into the bedroom and I said I will feed you when I get back," said Molzer-Aranguren.

Well Misty apparently couldn't wait that long and started eating money that was inside a tin in the bedroom.

"I looked in there and all the bills were gone," said Molzer-Aranguren.

Worried the money would get caught in her stomach, Cindy brought Misty to the vet where they found the wad of cash in her stomach.

"Cash is sort of strange, so there must have been something on it, someone had spilled something on it, they had a flavor that made the dog want to eat it," said Ashley Kotinek of Spring Hill Animal Hospital Veterinarian.

The vet gave Misty medicine to induce vomiting.

"She eventually just vomited $18, and the vet called me and said, yea she vomited $18," said Molzer-Aranguren.

And eventually Cindy got all of her money back.

"I said to the vet, can I pay you in cash," Molzer-Aranguren said.

Cindy says that is the last time Misty will be left alone in their room.

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