HPD: Woman told nephew to bite niece, cut her with knife

HOUSTON - A woman is accused of telling her nephew to bite and use a knife to cut her niece.

Irene Elizabeth Gonzales is charged with injury to a child. Court documents state on Sept. 24, Gonzales' 7-year-old niece was seen by teachers at school with bruised bite marks and cuts on her back. The girl told school staff that her 5-year-old brother did it to her and that he was told by Gonzales to do it.

Police say a witness asked the boy why he bit his sister and she said Gonzales told her to do it while at their residence in north Houston.

According to court documents, police interviewed Gonzales, who has care and custody of her sister's children, and they say she told her nephew to bite his sister as a form of discipline. Police say Gonzales admitted she told the boy to cut the girl on her back with a knife as a form of punishment.

Child Protective Services says it is investigating and the children are now staying with another family member.

Gonzales, 47, appeared in court Thursday morning. She is being held on $5,000 bond.

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