HPD: The Galleria closes early Saturday due to large crowds

Mall GM: Galleria "reached legal capacity,' closed at 8:15 pm

HOUSTON - The Houston Police Department says the Galleria made the decision to close the mall early Saturday due to large crowds.

"For the past several days, the Galleria, in conjunction with the Houston Police Department and the Houston Fire Department, has monitored mall traffic and crowds in town for the All-Star game," said Greg Noble, General Manager of The Galleria. "As of 8:15 pm (Saturday), the Galleria reached legal capacity and officially closed."

An HPD sergeant was called to the mall as a precaution because of large crowds, according to police.

Police said there were some celebrities, such as rappers, who tried to exit the mall Saturday evening, but they said they were having issues doing so because of the large crowds.

"As always, our primary concern is for the safety and well being of our shoppers and mall employees," said Noble. "Following discussions with HPD, mall entrances have been closed by the police and mall security."

Officials said everything was under control and no arrests were made as a result of the mall's closing.

"At this time, the Galleria plans to reopen at its normal time of 11 a.m. (Sunday)," said Noble. "As always, mall management maintains a close working relationship with the HPD which is particularly beneficial during times of high traffic, such as this weekend."

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