HPD: Officer offers to trash tickets for sex

HOUSTON - A police officer has been accused of offering to drop traffic tickets in exchange for sex.

Victor Chris, 37, has been charged with two counts of official oppression.

Houston police said two women told them that Chris had made inappropriate offers to get rid of tickets he issued against them.

One of the women said Chris stopped her in west Houston on May 14. The woman said Chris went back to his car and wrote several tickets. When he came back to her car, Chris told the woman that he had not "been with a white girl in a long time," and asked her if she was interested in seeing him later, according to court documents.

The woman left and got a call from a blocked number about five minutes later. According to court documents, Chris told her that he wouldn't show up to court for the tickets if she agreed to meet with him later. The woman believed Chris was requesting sex, investigators said.

A second woman said Chris stopped her on Feb. 18. After she received tickets, she said Chris gave her his phone number and told her to call him the next day, detectives said. According to court documents, Chris called the woman and told her that he would tear up the tickets if she had sex with him, according to court documents.

The women complained and police set up an undercover sting using a female officer. He took the bait on Monday, investigators said.

Prosecutors said they suspect other women may have been propositioned.

"We expect other women have had this treatment as well ... they may, too, have come into contact with Victor Chris. He may have treated them the same way. If that's the case, we ask that you contact the internal affairs division," Assistant District Attorney Erin Epley said.

Chris has posted bond and been released from jail. He has been relieved of duty with pay until the cases are resolved.

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