HPD: Mom passes out high on Xanax leaving dirty, hungry baby on ground

By Nakia Cooper - Senior Web Editor
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Shonda Shellesha Joseph

HOUSTON - A Houston mother who was under the influence of drugs passed out in front of a tire shop while her 1-month-old baby was on the ground in a car seat, according to Houston police.

Shonda Shellesha Joseph, 24, was charged with endangering a child.

Police said a witness saw Joseph carrying her baby and stumbling across a street Monday. When she reached a tire shop in the 7400 block of Avenue I, she passed out in a chair while her baby was in a car seat on the ground. The heat index was 100 degrees outside.

The witness says a man was with Joseph at first, but he walked away, leaving her and the baby.

The witness called for help.

Police say when they arrived, Joseph was having a difficult time maintaining consciousness. They said her eyes were glassy and yellow, her speech was slurred and she was dirty and unkempt.

Her baby was also filthy, hungry and had on a dirty diaper.

Police found a pill bottle with assorted prescription drugs and marijuana in the diaper bag, according to documents.

Joseph allegedly told police she had taken two "bars," which is street slang for Xanax.

Joseph was arrested and her bail was set at $2,000.

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