HPD: Man swings box cutter at worker hanging sign against rival candidate

By Courtney Zavala - Houston Life host, Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Rival camps for representatives in State District 149 got into a dangerous confrontation Monday afternoon that led to the arrest of one campaign worker.

Peter Vo is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

The fight started around 12:20 p.m. at the Alief  library voting location in the the 7900 block of S. Kirkwood.

Phach Nguyen, also known as Danny, is a 72-year-old volunteer for Hubert Vo's campaign. Hubert Vo is the Democrat incumbent for District 149 and Al Hoang is the Republican challenger.

According to Houston police, Nguyen hung a sign in the parking lot of the polling location accusing Hoang of being a Communist supporter. Hoang is a former POW, who was imprisoned by the Communist party for a year and a half.

Police said Peter Vo, 58, used a box cutter to cut the banner, police said.

"I told him 'That's my banner don't do like that,'" victim Nguyen said. 

Nguyen said Peter Vo then pushed him and swung the utility knife.

"He used a box cutter, trying to cut my neck... He attacked me," said Nguyen.

After the altercation, workers continued campaigning.

"One of my supporters just took the law into his own hands," said Hoang.

He said he does not condone his campaign worker's behavior, but insists he was not trying to kill anyone.

"He said he just wanted to cut the banner only; that's it. But when people came to attack him, he said, 'Don't come, don't come,'" said Hoang.

He said Nguyen felt he was being threatened by a group of people who had formed around him.

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