HPD: Man arrested for taking 'upskirting' photos

HOUSTON - A man is behind bars for what he allegedly did with his cell phone in a downtown office building.

Far away from the offices where he usually works, Stanford Kennedy faced a judge in court on Friday. Kennedy, 52, is accused of a crime that many find disturbing especially those that could easily cross paths with him in downtown Houston.

"I never heard anything like that here where we work so I'm very surprise and upset," said Betty Laite.

Investigators say in the busy lobby of 1600 Smith, Kennedy slipped his cell phone up a woman's dress to take photos. The victim says she felt Kennedy brush against her leg, but before she could stop him he ran off.

Detectives say the woman immediately told building security who alerted police.

After reviewing surveillance video, officers realized they didn't have to look far to find the suspect. They were able to match security video of the suspect to Kennedy's own photo ID badge that he scanned to get in and out of the same building. Within 24 hours he was in arrested and charged.

Officials in court say Kennedy freely admitted his crime.

Prosecutors said in court video, "The defendant did confess to officers that he took pictures up the complainants dress."

"Maybe this will serve as an example that you can't do this," said Laite.

Kennedy is facing a felony charge of improper photography. He is being held in the Harris County Jail on a $2,000 bond.

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