HPD Chief: Teachers should not be armed

Chief McClelland reacts to Sandy Hook tragedy, call to arm teachers

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HOUSTON - After the school shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, many have called for arming teachers to help protect students, an idea Houston's top cop does not agree with.

"I hope our schools remain institutions of learning where kids go to be educated and they're safe, and they're not turned into armed camps. That would be my desire," said Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland.

According to McClelland, arming teachers would be more complicated, stressful and potentially risky than most people realize.

Even if teachers were trained, they may not be prepared to come face to face with a school intruder who is armed with an assault weapon, said the chief.

"I would not want any of my trained police officers to go up against someone with an assault rifle with a handgun if they could avoid it, because you're outmatched," said McClelland.

Since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults, gun sales have soared along with sales of body armor, even bulletproof backpacks for children.

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