HPD: Attacker tells rape victim he has HIV

Jason Jackson charged with sexual assault

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Jason Jackson

HOUSTON - A man has been accused of raping a man and then telling his victim that he is HIV-positive.

Jason Jackson, 34, has been charged with sexual assault.

Houston police said Jackson met a man at a nightclub in June. Jackson asked the man to come home with him, officials said.

Detectives said Jackson drove the man and stopped at a gas station on the way to his home. Jackson gave the man an open beverage, officials said. The man drank the beverage and felt ill a short time later, police said.

While at the home, Jackson hit the man several times and then raped him, investigators said.

After the attack, Jackson told the man that he had HIV and had passed the disease on to him, police said.

Investigators said Jackson then demanded money, so the man handed over his wallet.

The two struggled and the man escaped, police said. The man hid from Jackson and then asked a woman for help, officials said.

The man was taken to a hospital and examined. The man was shown a photo array of men and identified Jackson as his attacker, police said.

An officer spoke with Jackson and Jackson denied the allegations, detectives said. Jackson also denied ever meeting his accuser, police said.

Jackson refused to provide a DNA sample to compare to samples taken during the man's exam, investigators said.

Detectives have not said if they have determined if Jackson is actually HIV positive.

Jackson is being held in the Harris County Jail without bond.

Jackson's criminal history includes convictions for theft and drug charges.

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