HPD arrest four suspects tied to car robbery

Police found a TV, computers and other objects that had been stolen from two different houses

HOUSTON - Houston police caught four suspected robbers tied to a car robbery from an 81-year-old man.

Police say the arrests started with a chase on Gessner and ended with officers solving a series of robberies.

Inside of the stolen car, police say they found a TV, computers and other objects that had been stolen from two different houses.

"We got property returned to two residents and we got two bad guys going to jail," said Clint Ponder of the Houston Police Department.

The southwest Houston neighborhood praised the police in their quick work in catching the robbers.

"The woman police officer jumped out of her car and went flying down the driveway over there so I knew she was after something," said neighbor Jane Snapp.

The chase ended two doors away from a house that the four suspects are accused of burglarizing. A television sitting outside the home caught an officer's eye.

Tamar Tapp said burglars jumped her tall back fence, broke her back window and came inside her new home. Her stolen briefcase an the now broken TV on the patio were among the recovered items.

"There's nothing that had my house number in the car. My cell phone bill was in the bag and so they called my cell phone," said Tapp.

One of the accused burglars said he was innocent, as he went to jail.

"Were y'all in any of those houses? No. You weren't? No. I wasn't. What about that car? Was that car stolen? I don't know. I don't know about any of that," said Ezra Barlow, one of the suspects.

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