How will Rio de Janeiro keep visitors, athletes safe during 2016 Olympics?

Rio de Janeiro to focus on street crime, terrorism, stadiums

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO - Rio de Janeiro is almost as famous for its gorgeous beaches and landmarks as it is for its violence. Each year there are about 52,000 murders in Brazil. Rio sees three of those murders every day.

But with the Olympics one year away, can Rio keep all the extra visitors and athletes safe?

KPRC 2 News has learned Rio de Janeiro will have more than twice the number of security personnel for the 2016 Olympics than the London games in 2012. A total of 85,000 people will be involved.

The city will focus on three areas: street crime, terrorism and stadiums.

For two weeks during the games, 47,500 security personnel will flood the streets of the city.

As for terrorism, the city will also create an integrated center to prevent an attack. It's also cooperating with 90 other countries.

The military is getting ready to deal with any biological, chemical, radiological, or nuclear attack or accident that might occur during the competition.

And at the stadiums all guests will go through X-ray machines and metal detectors. They'll be manned by unarmed soldiers and prison system employees.

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