How to keep bugs away

HOUSTON - There are two things you can count on during Houston's summer months. It will be hot, and there will be plenty of mosquitoes.

Here are some suggestions to keep the bugs away.

"The No. 1 thing I would recommend is wearing clothing that covers their skins as much as possible," said Dr. Pratik Doshi from Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute.

With Houston's heat and humidity, sometimes that is hard to do. So if your children leave the house in shorts and tanks, insect repellent is a must.

Experts say the strongest repellent may seem the most effective, but save that for adults. For your child, use something that is specifically for kids.

Stay away from bright colors and floral prints. Insects like bees find those bright shades appealing.

"They're designed to go after colorful things, because their mind is set up for flowers," said Dr. Doshi.

Insects with stingers are also buzzing around looking for the sweetest smell. Avoid using fragrant soaps, lotions, and perfumes on children before they head out the door.

Experts also say the peak time for mosquitoes is dusk and dawn. Try to avoid those times, and playing around standing water, because that's where those pesky insects like to congregate.

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