How to beat the brisk winter weather on Houston Marathon Sunday

By Eric Braate - Weather Executive Producer

Image of the starting line of the Houston Chevron Marathon.

HOUSTON - Sunday morning is Marathon Morning here in Houston. The Chevron Houston Marathon begins at dawn and it’s going to be brisk!  Here is my plan to battle cold.

First, let me say that I love to run in cool weather. But Sunday’s expected wind chill of 20 degrees is a little extreme even for me, especially when I’m not used to training in that kind of cold.

My key considerations will be blocking the wind and staying dry. Believe it or not, even in cold weather I sweat a lot, so making sure my clothes don’t get damp is imperative. 



Below the waist, I’ll be wearing running tights to keep my legs from freezing. They are my go-to pant in cold weather. They’re light, they block the wind and they pull any sweat away from my skin. Surprisingly, the thin layer of spandex keeps my legs quite toasty.

On top, I’ll be wearing three layers: a base layer, mid layer and outer layer. My base and mid layers are just technical (polyester) tops that pull sweat away from my skin to keep my dry. My outer layer is a long-sleeve fleece pullover. It’s my wind-blocker and it will trap body heat while helping to wick away sweat at the same time.

Finally, I have two must-have accessories: a fleece cap to warm my earlobes and a pair of thin gloves to fend off frostbite on the fingers.

I won’t be wearing a lot of bulk to stay warm on Sunday. Believe it or not, it is quite possible for me to OVERHEAT if I go overboard on the clothes!

If all goes well, my plan will play out perfectly and by lunch time on Sunday I’ll have a finisher’s medal draped around my neck and I’ll be looking forward to a nice hot shower and an afternoon nap!

To all my fellow marathon and half marathon runners, GOOD LUCK!  I’ll see you on the course this weekend!



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