Houstonians take to phones for election support

HOUSTON - Texas isn't getting a lot of attention from either presidential candidates, but voters here in Houston are trying to help swing the election outcome.

As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney barnstorm through battleground states, their supporters here in Houston are busy making phone calls to places like Ohio and Florida.

At Organizing for America, the president's supporters have made thousands of phone calls to help swing the electoral college in his direction.

Volunteer Kay Shephard has been making calls for weeks, and she said she feels optimistic.

"At first, I didn't understand why we were calling Florida, but now I understand it perfectly. People are hyped and we want to keep them hyped," Shephard said. "Most everyone I'm calling is very supportive."

Phone calls are just as critical for Republicans who are calling both voters in Harris County and in key states to help the Romney, Ryan ticket.

With national polling showing a tight race, this is a way for Texas to make a difference.

"We have the ability from Mitt Romney's website to make calls from home," said Ben Stinsman with the Harris County Republican Party. "If someone can't make it to one of our four phone banks, that really helps."

Those phone calls to battleground states will continue on election day. Some Houston-area residents have also traveled to places like Ohio to knock on doors.

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