Houstonians show us what they're grilling for Memorial Day

By Brittany Taylor - Digital News Editor

HOUSTON - Texas is already known for its popularity in barbecue, so we had to ask, "What are Houstonians grilling this holiday weekend?" 

Here are the top Memorial Day barbecue pictures: 

Andres Martinez:

Andres Martinez

Carlos Nuño:

Carlos Nuño

Cass Coroiescu:

Cass Coroiescu

Daniel Lopez:

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Salas:

Daniel Salas

David M. Cervera:

David M Cervera

Debbie Ledet:

Debbie Ledet

El Betillo Gonzalez:

El Betillo Gonzalez

Erik Nunez:

Erik Nunez

Fredo Garcia:

Fredo Garcia, "Baked potatoes with fajitas."

Javier Beltrán:

Javier Beltrán

Jeremy Jones:

Jeremy Jones

Jessica Briskman:

Jessica Briskman: "Brisket."

Jessica Silva:

Jessica Silva

Jesus Flores:

Jesus Flores

Joe Leteff:

Joe Leteff

Jose N Míreya Espínoza:

Jose N Míreya Espínoza

Joy Moore:

Joy Moore

Luiz Pena:

Luiz Pena

Oscar Ramos:

Oscar Ramos

Rocky Garcia Jr.:

Rocky Garcia Jr.

Sean Frederick:

Sean Frederick