Houstonians search for hidden cash at Discovery Green Park

HOUSTON - The search for hidden money brought crowds to Houston's Discovery Green Park this weekend, on the hunt for more than a dozen envelopes filled with cash.

The so-called "social experience" @HiddenCash that began in San Francisco last month made it's way to Houston on Saturday. A tweet was sent out just before 10:30 a.m., notifying followers that envelopes had been hidden at Discovery Green.

Within minutes, people could be seen throughout the park, looking in bushes, under benches and even inside trash cans.

"We were ready. We came to Houston today on purpose. We stayed in Houston last night after the Astros game so we could do the Hidden Cash thing," said Maggie Mahoney of Huntsville.

Others didn't know about the hunt until they saw others searching. Charlie Duhon of Bossier City, Louisiana said he walked to the park from a nearby hotel to get a sno-cone and ended up finding $40.

"Somebody told me they got money and to look under the bench, there's an envelope. I didn't find anything the first time but when I went the second time, I found $40," said Duhon.

Susanne Theis, the programming director for Discovery Green, said park management found out about the hunt at the same time as the public – also through Twitter.

"We had read about this online, about other places where this has happened and sometimes people get a little crazy. But Houstonians never fail to make me proud – everyone is just having fun out here," said Theis.

According to Hidden Cash, about 15 envelopes were hidden at the park, amounting to a total of about $1,000.

Brandon Mosley of Houston left Discovery Green without any money Saturday but said the possibility of finding money was too good to pass up.

"The worse case, you had a good time at Discovery Green. You can't beat it – free money you can never beat," said Mosley.

Hidden Cash began as an anonymous effort in California but real estate investor Jason Buzi of the Bay Area has since come forward, and taken responsibility for the movement.

Other envelopes were hidden in New York and Mexico City on Saturday.

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