Houstonians react to possible U.S. strike against Syria

Protesters hold rallies for, against U.S. involvement

HOUSTON - The potential for U.S. involvement in Syria brought dozens of Houstonians on Saturday to the intersection of Westheimer and Post Oak.

Two groups stood on opposite sides of Westheimer, one calling for action and the other asking the U.S. stand down.

"The United States does need to hold a dictator that will poison his own people accountable," said Shireen Jasser.

The opposing rallies happened as President Obama announced he would seek congressional action to authorize military action in Syria.

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Fjir Sardinii said any U.S. intervention would do more harm than good.

"We don't need to be worried about people in the Middle East. We don't need to be worried about people anywhere else. We're not an empire," said Sardini. "Let's worry about solving our problems here."

Sardini said the U.S. shouldn't get involved in other country's conflicts, especially if it is considered a civil war.

"It's a messy situation. Leave our soldiers out of there. That's all I'm saying," said Sardini.

Across the street, though, others said political and diplomatic resources have been exhausted and now it is time to act.

"The red line was crossed when the first peaceful protestors were killed in the street and people started disappearing," said Jasser. "As an international community we have to say stop."

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