Houstonians pray for Newtown

HOUSTON - As the nation deals with the deadly tragedy in Connecticut, many in Houston seek help from a higher power.

Parents in Houston said they couldn't help but to think of their own children as they struggle to surmise how Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary could have happened.

'My heart was really breaking for all those families out there," said Sara Vela, a mother.

"Taking it moment by moment. It's really hard to think that someone could do that," said Frederick Smith, a father.

Across the country, prayers were offered for the families affected by the Newtown tragedy. While in Houston, congregations leaned on religious leaders for guidance with their grief.

"It's a very difficult time, but we're looking for hope," said Father Joseph Bui from St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church. "We ask God to intervene in the sense of watching over us and protect us. Especially the innocent children."

Father Bui said he's hoping to offer counseling for the kids attending St. Vincent De Paul's school on Monday.

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