Houstonians excited about Hidden Gifts campaign

Hidden cash giveaway uses Twitter to direct people to free money

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - It's a social media craze that's taken the nation by storm and it's next stop is right here in the Bayou City. It's a hidden cash giveaway that uses Twitter to direct people to free money, and Houstonians said they are ready.

Local 2 went to Memorial Park where we were sure to find Twitter users excited about the Houston Hidden Gifts campaign.

"I've seen a lot about it," said Jenny Sleber. "I think it's very cool. I like seeing social for good, so I'd definitely take part."

"I would probably follow it and if I'm in the area of town where he says I'm gonna check it out," said Brenda Clarke. "If he (tweeted) and he said he was here I'd be running alongside everyone."

The idea started earlier this year in San Francisco. An anonymous do-gooder hid cash around the city, sent clues via Twitter and those who found the money tweeted photos with the cold hard cash in hand.

The Houston campaign is not associated with the original one, but the creator has sent a message saying he's fine with people copycatting as long as the intent of the scavenger hunt is to do good.

In the meantime, people who said they'll participate already are thinking about what they'll do with the money.

"Well I have rent to pay, so that'd be nice," joked Selber. "But, you know, nice to save, nice to pay rent, nice to give back. I'd find a charity I care about."

The Houston Hidden Gifts campaign can be followed on Twitter at @HoustonHiddenGi. The clues will be given out starting sometime Friday.

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