Houston Zoo primates using iPads

iPads used as training tools

HOUSTON - Primates at the Houston Zoo are using Apple iPads as a high-tech training tool.

"We have started introducing iPads. It's a form of enrichment to keep them mentally active," primate keeper Helen Boostrom said.

The primates have been using iPads in the morning, before large crowds arrive.

"They're really great at problem solving. So the apps give us variety to give them several different things -- paint, play instruments, a lot of variety," said Boostrom.

According to the Zoo, for the last six months, 16 primates have taken turns playing with the iPads each morning. Some of them have gradually gained a firm grasp of its capabilities.

The goal is eventually use this program to connect with other Zoo's across the country, using apps like Skype and FHOUacetime to connect with other primates.

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