Houston woman forced to give up pet snakes

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

HOUSTON - The woman who had 15 snakes inside her Heights home has agreed to give them up.

Brittany Barrineau appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, where she agreed to hand the snakes over to Harris County, which in turn will hand them over to the SPCA.

Last week authorities seized the 15 snakes from inside Barrineau's home at . They were underfed and at least two were more than 18 feet long.

"We went to this home four times to try and help her help the animals," Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen said. "The last time was the final straw where we had to seize the animals."

Rosen said Barrineau recently lost her job and was unable to care for the snakes.

"I love my snakes enough to let them go," Barrineau told reporters outside the courtroom.

She said she has owned the snakes for about 15 years.

Barrineau will have to pay nearly $3,100 to the SPCA to help care for the snakes. She made one request to the judge, asking if one of her special needs snakes, can be taken care of by a vet in College Station. The judge is looking into that request.

No word yet if animal cruelty charges will be filed against Barrineau, since the SPCA is still monitoring the snakes' conditions.

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