Houston welcomes cool, fall weather

Overnight lows dropped into the 50s for the first time since May

HOUSTON - Southeast Texas has finally been dealt fall-like conditions. In fact, folks had to put on jackets because it was so chilly on Monday morning.

Overnight lows dropped into the 50s for the first time since May.

"It's refreshing, it's soothing, and you can get more miles in," expressed Jimmy Clark, a runner at Memorial Park.

Several runners, joggers and walkers added a few more layers Monday morning. Some even had to wear gloves thanks to the morning's chill-down, but they loved it.

"Nice crisp air. It's easier to breathe," celebrated runner Tina Brooks. "It's been so hot, even early in the morning."

In Houston, the low sank to 53 degrees, which is just seven degrees shy of the record low for Oct. 7. That was just a little too cold for some school kids.

Jessica Warren, mother of two, told us her oldest took a jacket with him to school. "He asked for it," she said.

By the afternoon, everyone started to dump the jackets.

Some out-of-towners were lucky to visit Houston this week.

"I looked online before I came and was not prepared for how gorgeous it was," explained Theresa O'Brien, who was visiting from Phoenix, Arizona. ""Your guy's weather is beautiful!"

She definitely came at the right time.

Just this Saturday, Hobby Airport recorded a daytime high of 93 degrees, tying an old record set in 2006. Thanks to this weekend's cold front, our highs are now closer to average.

"I couldn't resist the invitation to go outside and have lunch," said Jennifer who was enjoying the cooler weather. "You don't get to many days like this."

Don't get used to temperatures this chilly to start off the morning. On average, they usually don't get down into the 50s until November.

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