Houston Texans fan hurt by falling panel at Reliant Stadium

HOUSTON - A die-hard Houston Texans fan is recovering at home after he was injured when a metal panel from an LED sign fell on him during Sunday's game at Reliant Stadium.

Scott Woodard said he was excited about attending the season home game opener with his friends, but he never expected to get hurt while cheering the team to victory.

Without warning, the heavy panel fell from above the section where he was seated and bashed him on the head.

The 55-year-old was treated at the stadium for a bloody injury and then he was rushed to Methodist Hospital, where he required seven staples to close the wound in his head

"After he was hit in the head some of the fans threw us rally towels because he was holding his head and it wouldn't stop bleeding," said Marcia Van Matree, who attended the game with Woodard.

Van Matree said she was disappointed that no one from Reliant Park or from the Houston Texans has directly contacted them.

In fact, the injured fan had to pay his own hospital bill.

Woodard said he was sore and sleepy on Monday and not feeling well enough to talk, but he and his friends remain fans of the Houston Texans.

The Houston Texans released this statement:

"First and  foremost our concern  is  for  the well being of  the  two guests that were injured as well as the safety of all of the Reliant Park guests. At approximately 12:40 p.m. CT September 9, 2012 at Reliant Stadium an aluminum cover for one of the North end zone LED display boards dislodged and fell approximately 15 ft. to 18 ft. onto the guests  seated below. One guest was  treated at  the  scene by event medical  staff and  transported  to  an  area  hospital  at  approximately  1:35  p.m. for  additional medical treatment. The other guest was  treated and returned  to  the event. At  the conclusion of the  game,  the  manufacturer  (Daktronics)  re-inspected  all  of  the  panels.  We  are continuing to work with the manufacturer to determine what caused the panel to fall, but at this time it appears that the cause may have been mischief."

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