Houston spectator returns home after marathon attack

Witnessed terror attack while watching son run

HOUSTON - Lynn Borker was at Mandarin Oriental Hotel cheering for her son running the Boston Marathon when she heard the sound.

"You don't realize how close you are to death," said Borker.

"We looked out the window. it was horrible. Can't imagine. Police, ambulances and stretchers, blood all over the street. We saw people missing limbs." Borker said her son finished the race before the blasts.

Fortunately, she and her son were not injured.

"It's interesting because I had just taken a trip to Israel. I never wanted to go to Israel. Why? because I was always afraid of a terrorist attack and I come back here to see my son at the Boston Marathon," said Borker.

What was meant to be a memory of her son's first Boston Marathon will now be a memory of a terror attack.

"We were the lucky ones because from what I've been reading three people died and more than 140 injured. just horrific," said Borker.

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