Houston SPCA treating injured bald eagle

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is treating a rare patient right now.

Rescuers got a call Tuesday night about an injured bald eagle. They went and got him, and now fear he may have been shocked.

The people who reported finding the injured eagle believe he is part of a pair of nesting eagles on their property.

The SPCA picked it up and brought it to the Wildlife Center of Texas. Veterinarians there do not know exactly how the majestic animal was injured.

"He actually has an open wound here, but some of his feathers are singed also," said Cheryl Hoggard, a veterinarian with the Houston SPCA. "I'm worried he could have received an electrocution injury."

Hoggard said the eagle could have also been hit by a car. 

"I'm concerned he may have a fracture somewhere in the shoulder," Hoggard said.

Dehydration is also a concern.

The veterinarians said he is in pretty good condition otherwise, so they believe he was recently injured.

The eagle is receiving fluids and some medication for the pain. 

Hoggard said she is also worried the eagle may have an injury of the wing web, which is close to a critical structure for flight.

Once his condition has stabilized, he will be transported to the College of Veterinary Medicine at A&M in College Station. There veterinarians will do further tests, X-rays, and possibly repair his wing.

Houston SPCA is sending people out to where he was found. 

"We have someone else going out there to see if their mate is still around there," said Hoggard. "We're hoping to get it back out into the wild so it can join its mate."

Their goal is to get this bird back to his home in the wild as soon as possible.

Houston SPCA said it is very rare that they treat eagles in their care.

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