Houston radio DJ arrested on charges of identity theft

Officials say he allegedly stole identity of dozens of KTSU donors

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A volunteer radio disc jockey was charged with identity theft after police said he stole the identity of dozens of donors.

Radio DJ Michael Whitfiled, 32, is accused of stealing the identity of dozens of KTSU donors. KTSU is a radio station based out of Texas Southern University.

"They found an abundance of identifying information documents," said one of victims. "They found over 200 documents recovered with different victims' identifying information, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, Texas driver licenses and credit card information."

TSU said they know of up to 20 donors whose information was allegedly stolen by Whitfield.

One victim said he saw unknown charges on his bank card several months ago and was later notified by police.

"I decided if I'm going to donate to any place again, it will probably be by check or some other way," said the victim. "I won't give out my information via the telephone anymore."

University officials said Whitfield was never a paid employee. He worked in various roles as a volunteer and had access to donor information that was phoned in or taken by hand.

"We're looking to see what kind of tighter controls we can put in place at KTSU to make sure that absolutely nothing like this ever happens again," said Eva Pickens, a TSU spokeswoman.

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