Houston police set up multiagency task force after late-night robberies

Armed thieves rob 3 Denny's restaurants

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - In response to a rash of recent robberies, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland announced his department is working on setting up a multiagency task force.

The officers will come up with a plan to catch and arrest those responsible for these late-night robberies.

Authorities continue to investigate a string of armed robberies at three Denny's restaurants across the Houston area. Police don't believe that the same people committed all three robberies.

Investigators said in the first robbery two men in white hoodies ran inside demanding cash.

"I was waiting for my bill to come. They came running in, and one of them had a weapon," said customer Dale Hayden. "As soon as he approached me, that's when I jumped up after him and chased him outside."

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Not only were three Denny's restaurants hit but in the last six weeks, five IHOP restaurants were also robbed.

Police said they don't necessarily think all the crimes are connected.

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