Houston police patrols increasing after car burglaries

HPD: Thieves broken into at least 26 cars outside popular restaurant

HOUSTON - Houston police said thieves have broken into at least 26 cars outside a popular restaurant in the Washington Heights area in the last month.

Christine Herrera said she parked along Eli Street near Shepard outside Pluckers Restaurant. When she returned to her car she noticed one of her windows was smashed.

Herrera said she made the mistake of leaving empty bags in her car.

Houston police said within the last month they have received at least 26 calls of car break-ins in the blocks surrounding Pluckers Restaurant. Shattered glass lines the streets and ditches.

"It's been happening constantly. I feel the police should take care of it. There should be police patrolling this area at night if this is happening every day," said Herrera.

Houston police said the area along Eli and Shepard will now become the focus of a new crime-fighting initiative. They will be looking at possibly increasing patrols.

Police said they will also reach out to the restaurant owner to discuss ways he can improve security and educate customers about the risks of leaving valuables in plain sight.

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