Houston police officers, residents join together to march on crime

Residents, leaders, elected officials join to help stop crime before it happens

HOUSTON - Several Houston police officers hit the streets of southeast Houston, along with residents, community leaders and elected officials, to hold a march on crime.

"Go out and invite community to walk with us in the neighborhood," said Sgt. Fred Young with HPD. "Just involvement, they can put a face to the uniform."

HPD joined the community Saturday morning and marched against crime. It's an effort to stop crime before it even starts.

Officers said by getting out into the community, it actually helps prevent crime.

"We can't solve crime alone and we need the community, we need the involvement, we need the input. But first, we have to gain the community's trust," said Young. "We want them to be able to trust us, have faith in us and look for us in helping them solve crime problems in the community."

"It is a good feeling to know there are police in this community that care about the citizens and their safety," said Sunnyside resident Sandra Massie Hines.

Officers went door-to-door, handing out pamphlets on crime prevention.

Police said this year's march on crime focused on robbery, child and gun safety.

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