Houston police chase suspects through cemetery

HOUSTON - A wild Friday morning for Houston police officers who chased suspected tire thieves through a cemetery in northwest Houston.

Officers said around 3 a.m. Friday, a man who lives on Northampton saw two men rolling wheels across his lawn. He told police he realized those two men were stealing the wheels off his neighbor's Tahoe, and then called police.

The owner of the Tahoe, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Local 2 she woke up to get some water, looked out a window and saw her car was tilted and there were police in the driveway.

Police said they chased the thieves down Northampton until they crashed into the fence of Woodlawn Cemetery. The suspected crooks jumped out and took off running. Police spent about an hour searching the cemetery and neighborhoods with a K-9 unit and police chopper.

Local 2 spoke with the victim, who said this isn't the first time her wheels have been stolen.

"It happened about a year ago, my car was not parked behind the gate, so we installed this gate hoping it would never happen again," she said. "We got wheel locks but apparently those didn't work."

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