Houston online tutoring company growing

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - It started in a dorm room at Rice University. Eleven years later a Houston man's business is a national success story.

At just 18, Shelby Jo became an entrepreneur after watching his sister tutor students during her time at Rice.

"I figured I'm going to Rice. It's kind of entrepreneuring, I can do it better," said Jo.

His tutoring company, General Academics, was born and 11 years later he has 75 employees and two locations one in Dallas and one in Rice Village.

"Over the years we've expanded, we're growing about 50 percent year over year," said Jo.

He's just started doing online tutoring nationwide. General Academics offers private tutoring, test prep and summer courses. He publishes a magazine on education and a parental survey website to gather information on Houston schools.

Jo mainly hires Rice students and all top scholars.

Preparing students for the SAT and ACT is a big part of his business.

"We're going to look for a tutor who has special training in that area. They'll use our materials and they'll have scored in the top One percent. We want to make sure our tutor is as smart or smarter than as any child that they're working with. Many of the questions they get are science and math related. Most people haven't studied geometry and algebra 2 since eight or ninth grade," said Jo.

General Academics is tutoring hundreds of students all over the country.

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