Houston Newsmakers for Sept. 23: Democrat tries to unseat Republican congressman

Plus, efforts to prevent teen suicide

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, who is a Democrat, said she’s been talking to residents of the 7th Congressional District for more than a year and they’ve told her enough to make her think she has a very good chance to unseat incumbent Congressman John Culberson.

“I’m polling I think 3 points behind him in the most recent poll and the margin of error is 5 points,” Fletcher said. 

Fletcher said Culberson is out of touch with his district and the way the district voted in 2016 gives her hope.

“It’s one of 23 seats across the country where Hillary Clinton won the presidential race but the member of Congress is a Republican,” she said. “So those numbers give me a lot of confidence that people are looking at the candidate, people are looking at qualifications and what somebody’s going to get done in office and that’s why I think I have a great chance.” 

Fletcher talked immigration, health care, tax cuts and more on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

Focus on mental health to cut teen suicide rate

Studies show about 50 percent of mental disorders start at the age of 14. That is just one of the eye-opening statistics that led to the creation of a program called Be Nice. 

Christy Buck created the program and said mental health issues lead to many problems found in our schools.

“Bullying can be the stressor that can cause someone’s brain to be disrupted,” Buck said. “To have thoughts of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness, everything that comes along with depression.” 

Buck’s program is being rolled out as a part of the Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Institute. Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious said they have an ambitious goal. 

“We’re going to start with kindergarten and we’re going to work our way up and have touch points with these kids year after year after year,” Mankarious said. “We’re going to change the culture of our schools so that kids who have exhibits and signs of mental health issues are not isolated and ignored but are embraced.” 

Much more on this unique program on Houston Newsmakers Sunday morning at 10:30 AND on **HOUSTON NEWSMAKERS EXTRA**.

More Information:

•    Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, (D), candidate, 7th Congressional District
•     https://lizziefletcher.com/ 
•     Phone: 281-645-9388
•     Twitter: @Lizzie4Congress  

•    Rania Mankarious, CEO, Crime Stoppers of Houston  
•     http://crime-stoppers.org/ 
•     Phone: 713-521-4600 or 713-222-TIPS 
•     Twitter: @CrimeStopHOU

•    Christy Buck, director, Mental Health Foundation of Western Michigan, creator of Be Nice Program 
•     https://www.benice.org/ 
•     Phone: 613-389-8601
•     Email: Info@benice.org 
•     Twitter: @benicemi 

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