Houston Newsmakers 04/30: 2nd Chance for ex-felons, Dropouts & More, A Deep look at President Bush 4

Red Cat Jazz for Mother's Day Weekend

Houston City Council Member Dwight Boykins is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and says the 2nd chance job fair is a promise he made while running for office.Not just ex felons. High school drop outs that have skills, unemployed, we can bridge it together,” he said. “And be able to create opportunities because once you get a job, crime goes down, economics goes up, tax base goes up for the city.” Boykins also chimes in on how the city has responded to the recent floods and what is most important for his district D.


Pulitzer Prize winning author Jon Meacham was given total access to President and Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush. The result of nine years of access is the book. “Destiny and Power” The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush. Mecham talks with Khambrel about what makes Bush 41 so unique, including his very early pragmatic efforts to broaden the base of the republican party. One such example was when the President was first appointed Chair of the Harris County GOP. “One of his first letters was reaching out to local African American leaders trying to see if he could get them in,” Meacham said. “He didn’t see why the traditional African American allegiance to the party of Lincoln should necessarily follow the Democrats.” Much more about our 41st President in this week’s Houston Newsmakers.


The Red Cat Jazz Festival will take place Mother’s Day weekend at Moody Gardens in Galveston, one of the performers Theresa Grayson talks about why it is so special. Jay Coppock, COO of  the Associated Credit Union of Texas tells why ACU is sponsoring a salute to veterans during the four day event.

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