Houston mother breaks silence one year after A&M shooting

On August 12, 2012, Holdsworth was hit when two bullets tore through her car

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A solemn day in College Station as friends, family and community members gathered to remember three people killed in a shootout near the Texas A&M campus one year ago Tuesday.

A balloon release signified the lives lost: Brazos County constable Brian Bachmann and innocent bystander Christopher Northcliffe.

The suspect, Thomas Caffall, was also killed.

Among the injured was Houston mother and real estate agent Barbara Holdsworth who was in College Station helping her daughter move ahead of the new school year.

Now, Holdsworth is breaking her silence one year to the day after the random shooting forever changed her life.

"I just thought it was important at this time almost as a thank you for all the love and support that I've felt and my family's felt and you know in memory of the families that were not as lucky as ours," said Holdsworth.

On August 12, 2012, Holdsworth was driving through College Station helping her daughter move in for her senior year at A&M.

"I just actually turned the last corner to come to her house and I was struck," Holdsworth said.

Two bullets tore through Holdsworth's car, hitting her. Holdsworth's boyfriend Tim kept her alert until paramedics arrived, an agonizing 25 minutes after an officer shootout ended with the suspect dead.

"Even the doctors said they were amazed by you," said Local 2's Rachel McNeill. "That (one) bullet split in two, avoiding your heart. The other came through the side, hit the bones, but not the spinal cord. There must have been some force within you to prevent those injuries."

"There was a force, I promise you and I know medically there's not a reason why I'm here," said Holdsworth. "But I just knew immediately that I'd been struck in my back and I knew I could feel my feet. so I knew my spine had been spared and I didn't really realize that I had been hit the second time. I think my body went into shock."

Since that day, Holdsworth has been through six surgeries and procedures and with regular physical therapy, is growing stronger every day. She's thankful for the love of friends and strangers, some who've donated tens of thousands of dollars to assist with her medical bills.

"I found my faith and my appreciation for every day and my family and what's truly important in this life and I thought I was grateful before, but I have found a whole new level of gratitude," she said.

Holdsworth has not yet returned to selling homes in the Houston area, but is continuing to work toward regaining her full strength.

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