Houston man meant to be on missing plane

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - At home in Houston, Greg Candalaria and his wife, Brook, watch in quiet horror as the news reports on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, the missing aircraft Greg was supposed to be on.

"Some may call it luck or call it karma, but I consider it the absolute providence of God, by the grace of God I wasn't on that plane," Greg said.

Greg Candalaria, who works for IBM, was supposed to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing for an IBM sales conference, where he would be one of the key speakers. But miraculously, he chose to cancel the trip because of all the time he's already spent flying this month.

Tragically, another Texan who also works for IBM, Phillip Wood from Keller, Texas, was on Malaysia flight 370. His brother, Tom Wood, calls him his hero in life.

"Phillip Wood was a man of God, a man of integrity," said Tom. "His word was gold, incredibly generous, creative and intelligent.

Back in Houston, Brook Candalaria still physically shakes when she thinks what could have happened to Greg.

Now, the couple views this whole tragedy as a life-changing experience that is bringing them even closer together, making them even more thankful for what they have

"(I am) incredibly blessed and relieved and this may sound corny, but (I'm) looking even more forward to our next anniversary," Brook said.

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