Houston listed as hardest working city in Texas

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HOUSTON - Well it may be no surprise that Houston is listed as the hardest working city in Texas.

Researchers at  Locality.com analyzed the number of hours worked at local service-oriented businesses such as dry cleaners and hair salons.

Houston came in at the No. 1 spot for overall hours worked throughout Texas with an average 60.59 man hours inputted each week. El Paso came in second with 59.47 man hours worked each week.

Dallas closed out the top three with 59.2 hours worked each week.

Nationally, Houston ranks No. 18 in man hours worked per week.

Top Hardest Working U.S. cities:

1. New York, NY (65.91 hours)
2. Las Vegas, NV (64.61 hours)
3. Boston, MA (63.49 hours)
4. Los Angeles, CA (62.85 hours)
5. San Jose, CA (62.59 hours)
6. Phoenix, AZ (62.35 hours)
7. Chicago, IL (61.54 hours)
8. Indianapolis, IN (61.47 hours)
9. Minneapolis, MN (61.20 hours)
10. Omaha, NE (61.00 hours)
18. Houston, TX (60.59 hours)
20. Dallas, TX (59.2 hours)
26. El Paso, TX (59.47 hours)
27. San Antonio, TX (59.43 hours)
33. Austin, TX (58.96 hours)
43. Fort Worth, TX (57.58 hours)
44. Arlington, TX (57.17 hours)

See complete information on hardest working cities from Locality.com.

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