Houston ISD: Elementary student threatens classmates with knife

Letters sent home to DeZavala Elementary students

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Police presence was amped up at an elementary school after, officials said, a student threatened others with a knife.

"We got to the house and we called the school and they said there was a commotion with a child with a knife," parent Albert Martinez said.

Houston Independent School District officials said the pocketknife was found at DeZavala Elementary, 7521 Avenue H.

One father, who wanted to remain anonymous, said his 11-year-old son was threatened in the cafeteria. "While he was sitting down, he was poking at the milk carton with the knife and my son told him he couldn't be doing that and that he wasn't supposed to have a knife at school. (The student with the knife) told him he better not tell and he started swinging the knife at him and threatened to stab him," the father said.

Another student was allegedly threatened in a restroom.

"At DeZavala Elementary, the safety of all our students is our top priority and we take matters like these very seriously," Principal Yolanda Rodriguez said.

The threatened student's father said he's proud of his son for reporting the incident.

"He was afraid he was going to get in trouble, but I told him he was more of a hero than anything, you know, because anything else could have happened. It could have been worse. It could have been a gun," said the father.

The case has been referred to the Harris County District Attorney's office to determine what charges, if any, would be appropriate.

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