Houston Humane Society seizes horse after allegations of animal cruelty

Four horses were left with no food or clean drinking water; three of them were severely malnourished

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - After several complaints about animal cruelty from people driving down the feeder road, a horse was seized by the Houston Humane Society and Precinct 6 Constables.

"She was in really bad shape, it is not something that happens overnight, this is a long-term neglect. She definitely didn't have enough food," said Monica Schmidt, the Humane Society public relations coordinator.

A 16-year-old female horse, with protruding hip bones and ribs, and chips missing out of her hooves were just some of the red flags that Sgt. Stacy Schuelke noticed when he was called out to the abandoned property last week.

"The horses were left here to starve to death, to have such loss of fat and muscle, you can see the spine, the hip bones and the tail head, it is a rapid loss of weight," said Sgt. Schuelke, an animal cruelty investigator.

Four horses were left with no food or clean drinking water. Three of them were severely malnourished. However when authorities got to the property Thursday to seize the animals, all but one of the horses had been moved.

"While waiting for the warrants to come back from court, apparently another owner moved the horses, we have no idea where they went, and we have no idea who the owners are, so maybe with some more investigation we will be able to locate the horses," said Schuelke.

But at least one of the horses could be saved for now while the investigation continues.

"She is going to get top notch veterinary care, she is going to get all the hay and feed she can eat, fresh water, it is going to be night and day from where she has been," said Schmidt.

The horse will be taken to the Humane Society, where it will be held until the animal cruelty hearing.

If you want to lend a helping hand to the horse, the Humane Society is going to need lots of hay, so donations are appreciated.

If you witness or see any evidence of animal cruelty, you are urged to report it to the Houston Humane Society.

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