Houston high on list when it comes to moving rip offs

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Houston is fourth in the nation for moving complaints warn national and state transportation leaders.

"They are ripping off people and they do not have a conscious. They don't care," said Denise Roberts, mother of a wounded warrior.

Roberts brought a thick book of what she said is evidence of how a moving company tried to increase the price of her daughter's move once they got her belongings in the moving truck.

"$3,329 was going to be the total move instead of the original $1,943," said the outraged mother.

"If you don't pay them, they take your things and they start charging you storage fees or they are going to auction your stuff off and then they are still going to come after you for storage fees," Roberts added.

"We see literally shakedown tactics when you are sitting with a consumer and movers say, ‘I am not unloading that van until you go to an ATM and take out a $1,000.' That is robbery," said Dan Parsons with the Better Business Bureau.

Transportation leaders including Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee came to Houston to warn consumers about the ongoing moving scams in our city.

"We are No. 4 in complaints regarding those individuals who are moving and whose items may not have been taken care of," said Jackson Lee.

Watch out for these red flags to keep rogue movers from running away with your stuff and money.

  • Does the mover refuse to make a house call for an estimate?
  • Does he want you to sign a blank or incomplete document?
  • Are the movers asking for a big deposit up front?
  • Is the offer much lower than other companies.

You can find more tips and checklists and also look at movers' registrations and complaint history on https://www.protectyourmove.gov/


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