Houston children excited to celebrate Thanksgivukkah

By Jennifer Reyna - Anchor/Reporter, Jill Courtney

HOUSTON - This year Thanksgiving and the second day of Hanukkah both fall on November 28. It's a rare event that some people have dubbed Thanksgivukkah.

This week of double celebrations has the kids at The Shlenker School in southwest Houston filled with anticipation.

"It will be fun because we will all get together and we won't celebrate one holiday, but two at the same time," said fifth grader Maxwell Heyl.

As the student's prepare for the holiday, their turkey artwork is adorned with dreidels because the two holidays overlap.

"I am thankful that we can have two holidays on the same day," said second grader Abie Miller. "It doesn't really happen very often."

This double holiday won't happen again for an estimated 70,000 years.

"It's kind of cool to be able to live through that," said second grader David Katz.

The last time the two holidays fell on the same day was back in 1888.

 (Rabbi Mark Miller- Congregation Beth Israel)

"It is great because we celebrate this American holiday thing, which is all about thanks and being with our families," said Rabbi Mark Miller of the Congregation Beth Israel. "The truth is Hanukkah has a lot of the same messages: freedom and thanks and family. So putting them together for us really cements our identity."

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