Houston baby boom on Today Show

Houston babies were born under the national spotlight of NBC's Today Show cameras Monday at The Woman's Hospital of Texas

HOUSTON - Houston babies were born under the national spotlight of NBC's Today Show cameras Monday at The Woman's Hospital of Texas.

Camera crews and NBC correspondents set up in delivery rooms in four different cities at four different hospitals in New York, Boston, Cleveland and Houston to capture live births during the Today Show broadcast aired on KPRC Local 2.

Out of the four cities the most births happened right here in Houston giving us baby bragging rights at least for one day.

"I am with Emily and she has just had her second baby, a little girl named Haley," said NBC's Janet Shamlian as she broadcast from the delivery room as the baby was born.

A Woman's Hospital of Texas spokesperson said 15 women were in labor this morning and eight cesarean sections were scheduled and it wasn't even as busy as it on a usual Monday.

The hospital broke their record in August with 925 births and they are expecting the monthly record to be broken again in October.

A girl, a boy, another boy and a set of twin boys were born in Houston during the time the cameras were rolling Monday morning.

We caught up with the mothers and their families a few hours after the national cameras left.

"It's neat the boys are famous and have a video," said Sara Jansen who gave birth this morning to twin boys Brock and Slate. "We get here and they say you want to be on The Today Show and we are like ok. I am glad I packed the makeup bag," added Jansen while holding one of her twin boys while big sisters 4-year-old Haley and 2-year-old Mia carefully looked on.

Down the hall another mother, Emily Skaggs, of Katy and her proud family were getting to know little Jackson who was born at 6:38 a.m. on Monday.

"I am feeling tired," said the mother of now four, who didn't look at all like she just had a baby.

Skaggs said she was well aware the camera crew was in the delivery room during the delivery because the room was quite full but added she would do it again because it was a lot of fun.

"I looked at Joel and I said that was wild, just crazy wild, but it was fun," said the mom surrounded by her daughter, two sons and holding her new baby boy Jackson already sporting a Texas Aggie hat.

Another day of day of miracles in the delivery rooms at The Woman's Hospital of Texas, but this time on live national television.

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