Houston area sees near freezing temperatures, snow

HOUSTON - The cold temperatures didn't stop people from camping out in front of a Houston pie shop, waiting overnight in order to purchase their Thanksgiving desserts.

At 10 p.m. a couple dozen people were already lined up in front of The Flying Saucer in Northwest Houston. They weren't intimidated by the same weather system that brought snow to parts of the viewing area Tuesday.

"We have our pies, we have fun," said Jesse Vargas. "If it gets too cold, we'll get in the car. We've been doing this a long time."

Earlier in the day, snow flurries fell at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. The snow came just as students wrapped up their final day of classes before the Thanksgiving break.

"You just looked at people and they were smiling," said student Michelle Urrea. "They were excited to see the snow and it was just something totally different to see on campus."

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