Houston-area family claims classmate cut boy's hair

HOUSTON - A Houston-area family is demanding action from their child's school after they say another student cut their son's hair with scissors and flushed it down the toilet.

The family said the student with the scissors hasn't been disciplined.

"Now I'm worried about the safety of my son at school," said Jasma Elzy, the boy's father.

The parents said their kindergartner is being bullied at Hilliard Elementary School, to the point they're afraid to send him back to class.

They say it started with taunting at recess and has now escalated to a point they never expected.

"I just never thought that someone would do something so cruel like that to my son," said Kanicwa Thomas, the boy's mother.

They say 6-year-old Dimitriun came home with hair missing from his head. He said another boy followed him into the bathroom with scissors.

"He was behind me and then he cut my hair," said Dimitrun.

He said the boy cut off one of his 8-inch braids and flushed it down the toilet.

Dimitriun's parents say they went to administrators to complain but the family says their son was afraid at first to identify the alleged bully. The parents say a few days later their son told them the name of the student and his classes.

Dimitriun's father said he didn't like the principles reaction.

"He said that kids are going to be kids. Things happen," said Elzy.

In response HISD says the principal did not say that. The district issued this statement to Local 2:

"HISD and the Hilliard Elementary School administration and staff take this situation seriously. We are conducting a thorough investigation of what occurred. At present, we don't have enough concrete information to take disciplinary action. We will continue to investigate this situation closely and work with this student's family."

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