Houston area church ransacked, burglarized

The church's pastor says the burglars must have known the church well, because they went straight for the breaker box

HOUSTON - Police believe a Houston area church was burglarized early Friday morning.

Rev. Felton Tisino has been the pastor at Community Missionary Baptist Church for more than 30 years.

"I saw a bright light and right then and there, I knew something had went wrong," Tisino said, after walking into the church.

The light he saw was the sunlight shining through a hole in the wall where the AC unit once sat.

The light illuminated his ransacked church, even the flowers were destroyed.

"The mics and everything was here. I had six mics and they're taken all of that and they left us in bad shape," Tisino said.

Tisino said the burglars must have known the church well, because when they finally broke in, they came straight to the breaker box, and shut off the power inside of the church.

"They pulled all of this down, thinking they could get in through the roof. They was unable to get through. They had to do something else to get in to this church," said Tisino.

Although the church is now out thousands in equiptment, and it may be hot with no AC unit, Tisino says there will be church on Sunday.

"It's not gonna hurt my services for Sunday. I'll be able to do it. My service will continue on through Sunday," said Tisino.

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