Houston apartment fire leaves several families without homes

Officials say at least 100 firefighters arrived to help put out fire

HOUSTON - Several families were left without a home after a massive apartment fire in southwest Houston.

Officials said the fire broke out early Sunday morning at an apartment complex on Ranchester near Town Park.

The Tran family's home was destroyed in the fire. They said all they could do was watch as the flames destroyed everything they owned.

Dozens of other families were also out watching, unable to do anything to save their homes.

Quien Tran said the fire started in a downstairs apartment and quickly spread.

"When we opened the door, we saw big flames," said Tran.

Jay Evans with the Houston Fire Department said they quickly found out one truck wouldn't be enough to battle the blaze.

"Our first engine reported heavy fire in at least four apartments when he arrived," said Evans.

Fire officials said they called in extra crews. At least 100 firefighters were soon on the scene, doing everything they could to put out the fire.

Investigators said even though one of the apartment floors collapsed, firefighters were able to douse the raging flames.

Arson investigators say they are trying to figure out what caused the fire.

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